Here it is! The Trio Legend’s debut album is available for sale in-store and online.

Trio Legend: Malawski & Shostakovich


Our first album with the piano trios of Artur Malawski and Dmitri Shostakovich has just hit
the music shops. The album ‘Trio Legend: Malawski’ Shostakovich’ has been released by the
DUX recording company. It is available in Empik shops, on the DUX label’s website.

Premiere concerts promoting Tria Legend’s debut album


We would like to invite you to the upcoming concerts promoting our album.
– 09.09.2022 – Szczyrk, 3 rd Beskid Classics Festival
– 16.10.2022 – Radziejowice, House of Creative Work
– 20.10.2022 – Cracow, “Kurant”; gallery
– 24.10.2022 – Basel (Switzerland) – Kammermusik um halb acht – Stadtcasino Basel | Hans